• Accouting
  • Purchase invoices
  • Sales invoicing
  • Personal ledger
  • General ledger
  • Payroll
  • Financial statement
  • Veroilmoitukset
  • Tax-return
  • Official notifications
  • Electronic financial management
  • Financial Plan(budgeting, forecast, cash register)
  • Reportage

A small local accounting company with professionalism, reliabilities, and user-friendly electronic system.
Not only do we focus on the past, bust also we look to the future.



We are so glad to tell that we are offering accounting services also in English. More info please kindly contact

我们公司同时提供中文会计服务,更多信息请联系 或致电 0442975564

“It is important for me to know my customers. What you care about are my concerns!”

After graduating from BBA, I started my accountant career in Turku. During the 10 years’ precious working with a big group, I improved myself to a profession especially in accounting and internal accounting controller.

However, the blood inside pulled me back north to where I born, the place I deeply loved in my heart – Rovaniemi.  In the fall of 2020, I made my dream as an entrepreneur come true. That is a short story of me and how Napapiirin Tilipalvelut starts.

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